Agile project management

Introduction and basis of the agile management:

Agile project management has introduced to the management of the project. It is the first project management approach in which software is developed.  The goal of this active control is to give a method for best and faster implementation of projects and software development.

The invention of the agile project management for software development projects was due to waterfall project management approaches. Moreover, it is based on four things, which are as following:

  • Intercommunication with skilled persons
  • Software products delivery
  • Build friendly relation with customers
  • Create proper and fast changes in project management

Different changes, requirements, persistent association in different projects, membership in teams work with customers, and various programs are adapted.

AGILE MANIFESTO said that, we uncover the best ways for development.

Agile is like an umbrella in which identification and recognition of different methods were used and its models for the agile development, for example, Scrum. Synopsis and the process of the agile project management is the involvement of customer is vital in all quick ways. It allows the customers to use the sharp projects. It also encourages clients in doing projects than writing.

Come towards the process part, to understand the rapid development program there is need to have a better understanding of agile project management.


Agile development model and the Breadth of the agile management:

There are following agile models, compared to traditional models:

  • The agile model highlights the unified. It includes the producers, quality importance, project execution, and the clients.
  • Possible frequent intercommunication is essential to make the integration possible. Therefore, to find the work and assignments meetings have held daily.
  • The delivery process is short. It ranges from 1 week to 4 weeks.
  • There are open communications between the agile project teams. These connections allow the team members and clients to explicit their ideas and assessment or observation about the agile.

The management of the agile project is under the whole team. The methods and protocols are under best policies are written. This confirms that there should be motivation for skills and leadership. For quality and fast development of software, the functional facilities and coordination should be in agile project management.

What are the authorities of the agile project manager and its approaches?

The responsibilities or authorities of the agile project management are below:

  • To maintain the importance of the agile project, he should be responsible.
  • He should remove the defects according to policy.
  • He could communicate with the team members open and productive.
  • He should be accountable and capable of holding the conversation or interview about agile plans.
  • He should increase the mechanism and ways used for software development.
  • The manager is the prime dynamo of the project team.

There are eight main approaches to the agile project management:

  1. Feature driven development-FDD

Invented by JEFF DEDLUCA

  1. Lean software development

Created by Mary POPPENDIECK

  1. Behavior-driven development-BDD
  2. Extreme programming-XP
  3. Scrum

Developed by KEN SCHWABER

  1. Crystal methodologies


  1. Dynamic system development method-DSDM

Invented by Dane FAUNKNER

  1. Adaptive software development-ASD

Invent by Jim High Smith


Comparison of agile project management with traditional Waterfall:

Planning rate Long Short
Customer and developer distance  Long Short
Application time Long Short
Project risk More Less
Problem detection time


Long Short


What are extreme programming, dynamic system development method, and scrum?

Extreme programming has different phases, which are:

  1. Exploration 2. Planning 3. Release
  2. Products 5. Maintenance

In the dynamic system development method, the time and resources have fixed and then adjusted according to act.

It has 5 phases

  • Feasibility
  • Business
  • Model federation
  • Designs
  • Formation and application

Scrum is an agile project management method.

There are three involvements in it:

  • Owner of the product
  • Master of the scrum
  • Team of the scrum

What is feature driven development (fdd) and adaptive software development?

In feature-driven development, designs have developed. It supports the active development program while in adaptive software development method; fast rules for software projects are adapted.

Concluding our topic, the workers or team members are responsible for meeting the goals.

The team provides the resources, resolve problems as soon as possible.

The agile project management provides the best approaches for the development of software.