Digitization 101

Digitization is a process of converting information from papers to digital. Not long ago, companies were keeping records on papers and ledgers. Sharing the file has always been done through fax or email while other ways include the papers and binders. Ever since the evolution of technology, digitization come in place, finding and sharing a document has been much easier. However, the methods businesses use for their new digital records are much alike to the traditional way where computer operating systems were even designed around the icons of the file folders.

Digitalization is a process of using digitized information to create easier and simpler ways of working making employees or individuals more efficient. Digitalization isn’t about changing how you do your business or how you create new type of business. It is about doing what you do currently, but in a faster and better way. This is because your data is instantly accessible with your laptop or mobile phones instead of being trapped in Azure training.

Digital transformation adds value to every customer’s interaction. It is changing the way business gets done while some ends up creating entirely new classes of business. With digital transformation, companies are reviewing their processes and methods, from internal systems to customer interactions both physically and online. As companies start to think like a consumer, they will question themselves like – “can the process be changed in a way that allows better decision making, game changer efficiencies or better customer satisfaction?”. If more companies are doing this, it will eventually lead to an ultimate game changer for organizations to approach onto Azure classes.

An Example of Companies Who Successfully Excelled Digital Transformation

The mastermind of our childhood toys and games – Monopoly and Play-Doh realised that their target audience are not the right one. They have been advertising to children rather than the decision makers – parents. So, for a change, they leveraged on segments of available data and adapted it to best meet the needs of their target consumers. By using social media to run targeted ads while expanding exposure towards multiple marketing channels, they have successfully proved that the strategy is very fruitful to the company.
By doing this, Hasbro has garnered sales up to $1bilion, hitting $5bilion in 2016 for the first time in it’s 93 years history.