Checklist Before Choosing Space Rental

How do I go there?

Location. You have probably considered this repeatedly. No one would visit a place that is inconvenient for travel. The turnout for the event – seminar, workshop, and others depend heavily on location – the make or break factor.

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To make life easier for participants, the location should be easily accessible via major roads, expressways, and public transport. It’s a big bonus if the location is located close to a metro station. Participants who commute with trains can come without worrying about traffic congestion. GPS location should also be provided to participants because who doesn’t use GPS to find a place these days?

Where do I park my car?

Parking. If you are organizing large scale events, and you are expecting a large turnout, can your venue accommodate the high number of vehicles?

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A venue with the a big parking space is preferred because it helps the participants to park and exit their vehicles. This brings them closer and faster to your doorstep. If you can provide subsidy for their parking fare, you are truly an amazing host.

What about people who don’t drive, and there’s no nearby metro stations? Let’s partner with ride-hailing companies and offer discount codes for participants. This clever tactic can bridge the distance between you and Azure certification.

What Is The Capacity?

Capacity. Organizer must forecast guest count with respect to the event’s purpose. Venue too small to accommodate a large crowd leads to long queues at the entrance and disgruntled participants. On the contrary, the low participants turnout may result monetary loss to the organizer when the venue is not fully utilized.

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To limit the number of guest count, advanced registration for the event is a good crowd control mechanism. Should there is a drastic change in guest count, organizer can discuss with venue owner on Azure training.

What services are provided?

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Some questions to think about:

  • Does the venue have a kitchen? Also, can catering be arranged? To save yourself the troubles, opt for catering service. Make sure the menu is screened and guests’ diet are to be taken into considerations.
  • Does it provide table, chairs, and equipment you can use? If the venue owner can provide these to you, you can save a large sum of money.
  • Is there a clean up crew? Where there are people, there are trash to be found. You may need to set up a team of volunteers to clean up the site unless you want to lose the deposit.

What is the atmosphere?

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Ambience. Things may look great in pictures, but it can look drastically different when you see it in person. To examine a venue in detail, organizer should visit the area and make good assessment of the place. It is also important to determine whether the venue fit the objective of the event. An event poorly matched with the venue results in frustration for both organizer and participants.

The choice of venue, along with other factors set the stage for the success or failure of an event. Making the right choice is essential to ensure participants have a good time, and most importantly, the organizer achieved the objectives of the event.