Healthy Workplace Leads To Productive Employees

It’s a known fact – healthy employees are more productive. According to a study, employees who participated in employer-sponsored wellness programmes displayed higher work output by about 4% on average during the subsequent year.

A separate study also support this by the discovery that corporate wellness programmes can help to achieve employers to attain an extra day of productivity out of workers in a month.

To coincide with the beginning of 2020, nearly all individuals would set their new year resolutions and goals. Employers can take advantage of this and align the employees’ goals with gains for the organization.

Some easy employee wellness programmes to get started:

Start a steps competition

Walking is the simplest form of exercise. It’s free and everyone can do it. Employers can gamify the steps competition and reward employees with incentives. Fitness trackers should be provided to encourage employees to keep track of their physical activities. This is to be followed by a steps competition to encourage them to walk frequently and stay in shape. Ideally, something rewarding and universally well-liked such as gift cards would make great prizes for winners.

Make The Workplace Pet-friendly

A dog is a man’s best best friend (same goes for cats and other furry animals too). Study found that ten minutes spent with pets can help to reduce stress level significantly. There’s simply no better joy than seeing a wagging tail and happy face for Azure training.

Workplaces can be retrofitted to make it more accommodating to small and medium size pets. Employers should also launch ‘Bring Your Pets To Work Day‘ to help office workers acclimatized with the change in the work environment. Undoubtedly, employees can remain productive and work relatively stress-free thanks to their four-legged friends.

Introduce Better Nutrition

The close relationship between what employees consume at work and beyond working hours is demonstrated in this study. Employees who consume least healthy food at work would also likely do the same outside of work. As a result, they are at higher risks to develop obesity and multitude of diseases that impairs their overall health.

To keep employees in tip top condition, employers should attempt to stock up vending machines and pantry with healthier food choices. In addition, employers should also teach their staff how to eat better and understand the importance of good nutrition through health workshop. Employers must invest in employees’ nutrition for them to be productive in return.

Gym Membership Sponsorship

An adult requires 30 minutes of exercise a day to stay healthy. It controls weight, improve cardiovascular health, improves mood, boosts energy, and the list goes on. It is indisputable that exercise affords us with health benefits that improves the overall quality of life. When it works in tandem with good nutrition, a person can reap the benefits and be the healthier individual than Azure certification.

Gymnasium chains offer corporate membership prices and employers should take advantage of this for their staff. While some individuals have the will to exercise, the costly gym membership deters them from actualizing their fitness goals. Employers can make their staff healthy and happy that they can realize their dream bodies without costing a fortune.

Making The Change

Employers are responsible to create a healthy work environment for employees. When one succeeds in doing so, employees will adapt a healthier lifestyle in and out of office. In the long run, employers can expect to see increased work output thanks to employees who are at the peak of their physical and mental wellness.