Getting to know more about Android 11

The news of the new Android 11 has been lurking around here and there. It was scheduled to be released at the end of 2020, but just now, in the middle of February, we heard something from a developer about the latest system update.

Mid-2020 is the time where the official reveal of Android 11 can be expected, and we do have a good idea of what will be presented to us by Google. The event in which it will be revealed would be Google IO 2020, taking place from May 12-14. Pixel devices will, without a doubt, get the update early around September, while the other Android devices will have to wait for their updates, which will keep going from 2020 to 2021.

Google had dropped their naming methods, which we’re naming firmware updates with the name of sweet delicacies, but this changed with the arrival of Android 10 has Google said that it had decided from now on it will follow a numerically based naming system. So the new Android update will be titled Android 11. This is not mere speculation but instead a known fac as Google had confirmed the modern desktop training.

Important things to know

The name was given to the latest Android system: Android 11

When will it be released: For Pixel phones, around September

The cost? Android 11, like all previous android updates, will stay free.

What to expect in terms of features?

The Developer Preview revealed mid-February 2020 to software developers, gave us a lot to know what the latest Android has to offer. Of course, not all features were shown, but it was enough for developers to find it useful and for us to have modern desktop courses

Here is a list of features to expect from Android 11:

  • Apps to detect if you are on 5G, saving loads of data
  • A divided notification bar which, separates ongoing conversations from general notifications
  • A dark schedule mode
  • Changed app permissions for allowing certain permission only once, improving security
  • Notification to be sent when the device is not properly aligned to the wireless charging pad
  • Enabling Airplane mode doesn’t disconnect connect Bluetooth
  • ‘Scoped Storage,’’ a feature planned for Android 10 but pushed to 11

Features we would like to have in Android 11

Here are some things we would love to have in Android 11, which are currently lacking in Android 10.

NFC file-sharing alternative

Android 10 removed NFC, which allowed the transfer of files just by touching devices together back to back, so an alternative is needed.

A Better Dark Mode

The Dark mode in Android 10 has its share of problems as some apps don’t switch while others have their colors swapped, so an improved version would be needed for it to be practically useful.

More compatible apps for ‘Chat bubbles’

 Chat bubbles were a step in the right direction with Android 10, but it still lacks a lot of features, as only the main messages app and Google Hangout are the only apps compatible. It would be nice to see other apps, such as Whatsapp, Instagram, and Twitter, to be compatible.