Effects of Smart Phones on Human Body & Brain

Are smartphones changing us? Well, it is difficult to differentiate if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Technology has evolved a lot for the past few decades. Having all these advancements has made us rely on our smartphones. We are enjoying the luxury of having smartphones. It is no secret that everyone is addicted to their smartphones. We spend most of our time on handsets. But have you ever wondered what effect that is having on your mind and your body? We are relying a lot on them, and because of that, they could be hurting for us.

The technology is improving, but unfortunately, our health is Cybersecurity courses. Smartphones have some disturbing effects on our body and mind. Anyone who happens to use a smartphone regularly has this question of interest, ‘How smartphones are affecting our body and brain?’

Effects of Smartphones on the Human body

Smartphones do have some severe impact on our brain and psychological health, but our physical health is deteriorating too.

  • Relying on Smartphones Can Lead To Excessive Weight Gain

It’s a fact that we don’t care about time and use smartphones for hours lying at the same place. This not only led to excessive weight gain but also cause other diseases. Obesity is the mother of all disease, and smartphones; unfortunately, are Cybersecurity training.

  • Smartphone Use Can Cause Disruptive Sleeping Patterns

Scanning the phone right before going to bed can disturb the slumber. If you are spending most of the time on smartphones chatting, scrolling social media, and watching dramas and movies, you are hurting yourself. Make a time pattern to use a smartphone that will help you to recover your disruptive sleeping patterns and will let you have a peaceful sleep.

  • Overuse of Smartphones and Increased Physical Injury

If you are physically less active and spending all of your time on smartphones, the muscles in your body will begin to weaken. Not only your muscles will weaken, but your endurance and immune system will also be affected too. This, in turn, will make you prone to physical injury.

Effects of Smartphones on Brain

  • Smartphones Might Make Your Brain Lazy

As smartphones are helping us a lot and life seems a lot easier thanks to these devices, it is also making our brain lazier. Now we don’t have to memorize the numbers and remember the dates. In short, we don’t need to do anything, and that is harming our brain.

  • It keeps you from focusing

Our brain does only one task at a time. A single buzz of a new notification can weaken your ability to focus on a task. Try to keep your smartphone on silent while working on anything.


Smartphones are essential for daily use. It has positive and negative impacts on both. It is the user who needs to differentiate. Overuse led to a lot of problems. Smartphones use might also Impair Social-Emotional Skills of human beings. But, if used correctly, it is one of the best achievements of technology.