Future of voice control of IOT in the market

The internet of things is proliferating when it comes to counting the number of companies. Many companies are working on IOT. We all know that it’s imperative to connect our devices to get rid of complications and problems in our lives. It’s essential to know more about the IOT techniques and methodologies. There are multiple companies like Sky Bell, Deako, June, Particle working on IOT.

Publicity of voice control technology

Voice control technology entered the public alertness recently, by conducting attractive launch events from the experienced tech experts to gain the worldwide publicity. The request for help is impulsive; we badly need to have a machine that can understand us. It’s a fact, proving the connection with the latest technological devices using voice has become so popular these days, and it’s natural that we all want to have these devices in our lives. This can be justified as the famous tech companies want us to know more about this voice technology to use.

Historical grounds

If it comes to the history of technology, we can quickly draw good results that speech recognition is far from a new absorption, even the speed of development in this field doesn’t match the level. Started in the 18th century, provided us with the platform to produce more. In the early stages of speech recognition focused on the development of vowel sounds. Investors of 18 century supplied the solid background to more recent development in Oracle database.

To decrease the challenges in speech recognition, its fact that each has a different voice, so it was complicated to solve this problem. Language can be the inconsistent person to person. Till 1990 the most successful system was working according to the template matching, and sound waves translated into a set of different numbers. Because of this one must speak very slowly and clearly and there should be no background voice to have a better chance of sound to be recognized. Later it was proven that the only way to succeed in speech recognition is by adapting each person individually in a unique way of communicating. Breakthrough of this successful implementation is much more comfortable. Dragon Natural speaking software then emphasizes this technology, having the ability to understand 100 words per minute.

Role of machine learning in progressing technology

Machine learning is playing a vital role in the success of the latest technology. Embedded in different scientific research, having multiple intelligent algorithms to solve complex problems. Google did the same thing by combining the newest technology with the high tech-power of cloud-based computing to store and share data. In 2008 the launch of Google voice search applications executed with vast volumes of Data, in this result this app shows the remarkable improvements in the field of speech power. Humming Bird algorithm to understand the use of Windows 10.

Advancement with the usage of SIRI

After this, it was SIRI in the voice recognition market to capture this effect and can recognize the words and better understanding algorithms.  According to the research 19% of iPhone users daily engage with SIRI. After Siri came to market-powered with AI. In response Microsoft launched Cortana, Amazon launched Alexa and all set of competition between top techs giants. Race to win from each other by increasing the AI accuracy in their respective applications. Progress in voice speech is remarkable. Google and Amazon have set up Home devices that can be used easily to control a vast number of Internet-enabled devices in Homes with many others are due to join the voice devices list by 2020. This list is going to have smart fridges, headphones, mirrors, and most importantly with an impressive list of third-party integrations.