Training Tracking Software

With the advent of modern and customizable training systems, the conventional training has taken a back seat. The typical classroom or on-the-job training sessions are not sufficient or time powerful anymore, and thus more sophisticated and technological driven software and tools are utilized to control the training process. After assessing the weaknesses and gaps in the employee’s current and potential skills set and formulating appropriate development plans, at a mass level, managing and tracking the progress and effectiveness of these programs is a complex task for training administrators as precious time could lose in manually keeping a tab on all training programs. Therefore, it is imperative that training tracking software employed according to the needs and Lean IT courses.

Why Has It Taken Over The Conventional Training Tracker

Here are few of the benefits modern training tracker software provides:

  • Prepares a consolidated report of all the training programs and saves you from the hassle of losing essential training related documents. It assists you in centralizing your training data so that all the metrics are present at Azure DevOps.
  • Reduce training costs regarding time and resources lost through inefficiencies in maintaining the employee training data manually.
  • Providing services that are effective and consistent and removing the chances of human error
  • It plays a significant role in improving employee productivity, as it helps in reviewing the training records, and points out the success rate of training programs and trainees’ performance.
  • Be an excellent resource for showing the number of training hours and programs attended by the employees and thus will be helpful in presenting to the higher authorities to demonstrate compliance as for some industries it is mandatory by law to impart specific training programs to employees. This way you can have a comprehensive list of all the training programs conducted by your organizations as well as the ones that were outsourced to keep a tab on which programs were more active.
  • It helps in keeping a check on whether specific standardized lists of essential training programs attended by the new or current employees like diversity training, sexual harassment, etc.
  • Gives a secure platform to manage the training records.

The Revolutionary Impact of Training Tracking Software in Various Sectors

  • Police & Security Sector: A flexible training tracking software is almost indispensable for the police force and security companies, as they have to assure that their employees effectively complete specific training programs that are mandatory such as firearm training and certification. This training software also has an added feature of sending reminders to participants to alert them about the training sessions they need to take part in, or incomplete/upcoming training sessions. It will also assist the higher authorities in gaining feedback and responses from the trainees.
  • Government Sector: The tracking software measures the training and learning programs’ progress as they are used to pass on various relevant information about the constituency for the government & state employees.
  • Manufacturing Industry: To prevail over diverse business related obstacles and to keep in compliance with various certifications made mandatory by legal bodies such as OSHA, FDA, the EPA, etc. training programs formulated for workers. These training programs can efficiently be monitored through the Training tracking software to assess workers’ learning performance.
  • Medicines & Sciences: To fulfill the requirements of essential training programs for resident doctors and staff ranging from ambulatory to critical access hospital, laboratory, nursing, disease-specific care, and other specialties. A training tracking system can help to keep track of and accumulate various departmental training session records.

Progressive and Value Adding Features

The training tracking software provides following features:

  • Ranking your training providers becomes easy as you can check the success rate of various trainers and this will be beneficial for you in the future, for conducting similar training programs.
  • Training alerts, emails and other methods of communication can be employed to remind the trainees’ about the training sessions to be attended and upcoming training programs to their relevant fields and departments.
  • Training tracking software allows you to warn employees about the necessary compliance training.
  • It is not only a typical system to maintain the training records for the time factor but also gives a comprehensive view of the training regarding costs, training providers; developmental goals which overall makes it easy for you to make an informed decision about various training efficiency.

Not only does the training tracking software saves you from keeping a track on all the various training sessions spread throughout the organization, but also reduces the risks, which might arise due to inadequate training. It provides you with a centralized repository system, which ensures the consistency in training processes. It helps you in never overstepping the boundaries in case of compliance training and always alerts you. For successful exercises, it is essential that the company maintain a comprehensive training tracking software.


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